Correction of Metatarsus adductus using the UNFO brace

Classically serial casting was necessary for the correction of more severe and rigid Metatarsus adductus. After the initial correction, a small orthopedic shoe was used until age nine to twelve months to prevent a recurrence.

With the new UNFO brace which combines new material and a smart design, even severe cases can be corrected without casting.

UNFO brace Schiene 1
UNFO brace Schiene 2

Treatment with the UNFO brace is started slow and gentle; in the first 1–2 days a break from bracing is done every two hours and the brace is not used for sleeping. Afterward, the brace is used for 6 weeks day and night (22–23 hours) but can be removed for washing and skin care. After these first 6 weeks, the bracing time is reduced but is used for another 6 weeks to prevent the recurrence of the foot deformity.