Pediatric Orthopedics

Visiting a doctor is often stressful or unsettling for small children. In the atmosphere of my private office, I can provide your child with the time to adapt to the environment.

Many aspects of the pediatric orthopedic examination can be covered by observing the child playing and running. Additional examinations and tests are usually possible without any problems, even with young children on the lap of the mother, father, or guardian.

Sometimes a favorite toy or picture book can make the doctor’s visit more relaxed.

If your child has special feet or an unusual gait, you are in the best hands. I cover a pediatric orthopedic spectrum from hip to toe, treating lower limb malalignment, hip disorders, and problems of the knee joint, foot, and ankle.

Complex problems can be analyzed in detail with gait analysis. I can directly refer you to the Laboratory for Gait and Movement Analysis at the Orthopedic Hospital Speising for gait analysis and plantar pressure distribution analysis.

My long-term experience, gentle methods, and personal attention aim to make treatment as pleasant as possible with optimum results for your child.