Medical Offices of Associate Professor Christof Radler, MD

Associate Professor Christof Radler, MD
Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery / Orthopedics and Traumatology
Senior consultant and head of the Pediatric Orthopedic Team at the Department of Pediatric Orthopedics and Adult Foot and Ankle Surgery at the Orthopedic Hospital Speising Vienna

Office Fusszentrum Wien (Foot and Ankle Center Vienna)
1080 Vienna, Alser Straße 43/8b
+43 1 408 59 93
Office hours:
Monday 9.00–18.00 and Tuesday 14.00–19.00 (by appointment only).

If radiographs (x-rays) are required, they can be obtained in the radiology office of Confraternität Private Clinic Josefstadt. The radiology office is approximately 250 meters from the Foot and Ankle Center, and rapid processing usually allows review and discussion of the findings on the same day.

Office Wiener Privatklinik
1090 Vienna, Pelikangasse 15
First floor next to the cafeteria
+43 1 79 666 79
Office hours:
Thursday, 15.00-19.00 (by appointment only).

Please choose the office that best fits your location and preference. One of the greatest advantages of a private office for the patient (and for the doctor) is the sufficient time available. This way, an in-depth examination can take place in a quiet atmosphere and a treatment plan can be formed and discussed together, ensuring an optimal match between your expectations and the treatment offered.

Additional diagnostic tests can be done in neighboring institutes, such as Confraternität or Ambulatorium Döbling.

My offices are both private, independent medical offices without a contract with a health insurance. This means that the medical services will be charged per invoice directly to you and not to the health insurance. However, you have the right to get a refund of part of the costs from your (any) health insurance.

Prompt appointments for cases of pain or acute discomfort are always possible. Please contact our office staff or contact me personally by writing me a short e-mail (or via form). I will contact you and make sure you are taken care of.

If you are unable to keep an appointment for any reason, please call to allow other patients to make use of the time slot.

Orthopedic Hospital Speising / Registering for Surgery / Pre- and Postoperative care

My affiliation with the Orthopedic Hospital Speising enables me to provide optimal care and advanced diagnostic tools for my patients.

In cases of complex gait disorders or foot problems, three-dimensional (3D) gait analysis and pedobarography in the Laboratory for Gait and Motion Analysis of the Orthopaedic Hospital Speising can be performed. These tests can provide valuable additional information to be integrated into the treatment plan or surgical plan.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (MR Institute Dr. Bader) and computed tomography (CT) are available on-site with prompt appointments available.

If surgery is required, I can register you with the Orthopaedic Hospital Speising directly from my office. Postoperative follow-up usually can be done in the office, which eliminates the waiting time in the hospital.